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Flood Insurance Coverage – FAM-RHF.104a - This revised publication will deal with the benefits of flood insurance, who needs it, C.L.U.E. Reports, types of water damage, and tips on dealing with floods.

Tips to Save Money When Buying Insurance – FAM-RHF.115 - Introduces readers to numerous practical ideas for saving money on insurance. While assuming that readers are familiar with insurance basics, this publication provides an overview of money-saving tips and discusses strategies that pertain particularly to auto, homeowner’s, long-term care, and life insurance.

What You Need to Know About Earthquake Insurance – FAM-RHF.109a -  The revised publication will cover fault areas around Kentucky, who needs earthquake insurance, who is eligible, what coverage to look for, how rates are determined, deductibles, indirect damage, quake insurance basics, and who to contact for help.