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Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky – is a publication which provides information on all aspects of home gardening including intensive gardening, container gardening, mini-gardens, one plot:  three season gardens and organic gardening.

Proper Management Early on Can Lower Disease Risks in Gardens – News release by Katie Pratt. Contact: Kenny Seebold, 859-257-7445, ext. 80721

Raised Beds Gardening, Rain Gardens and Rain Storage Information – is a website with information and websites focusing on gardening in raised beds and rain gardens.

Starting Plants from Seed at Home – HO 56. - J. W. Buxton, R. G. Anderson, M. L. Witt, and S. Bale.  Publication that provides information on germinating and growing vegetable and flower seeds until they are ready to be planted in the garden as a way of saving money.

Organic Manures and Fertilizer for Vegetable Crops – Brent Rowell and Robert Hadad. Information on advantages and disadvantages on using manure on vegetable crops.

Vegetable Group: Add Variety – NEP 203A- This fact sheet shares ideas on buying vegetable in season and buying the right form for your use.