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Growing Blackberries and Raspberries in Kentucky – HO-15 - John G. Strang, R. Terry Jones  This publication covers all aspect of growing blackberries and raspberries in Kentucky.

Growing Grapes in Kentucky – ID-126  G.R. Brown, D.E. Wolfe, J. Strang, T. Jones, R. Bessin, and J. Hartman. Publucation includes information on growing grapes in Kentucky.

Growing Highbush Blueberries in Kentucky – HO-60. John Strang, R. Terry Jones, Joe Masabni, Dwight Wolfe, John Hartman, and Ric Bessin

Growing Peaches in Kentucky – HO-57 - Joseph G. Masabni and John G. Strang, Horticulture; John R. Hartman, Plant Pathology; Ric Bessin, Entomology

Department of Horticulture – Link to a variety of information on home fruit and nut production.