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Shopping Tips

Farmers Markets Have Numerous Benefits – Agent Exclusive, May 22, 2009.  By Katie Pratt. Source: Sandra Bastin, Food and Nutrition Specialist

Fruits Group: Best Buys – NEP 204A - Fact sheet with tips for shopping for fruits.

Go Lean with Protein – NEP 205 - Fact sheet detailing ideas for stretching your food dollar in the protein section of the grocery.

Plan for Food Spending – NEP 210 – Planning is the key to a healthy low-cost diet. This fact sheet gives ideas for lowering food spending through planning.

Stretch Your Dairy Dollars – NEP 206A – Learn ways to make your money go farther while enjoying dairy foods in this publication.

Supermarket Savvy – FAM-RHF.131- This publication deals with marketing techniques that supermarkets use to get customers to buy more. Provides information about avoiding unplanned purchases, loyalty cards, different types of supermarkets, coupons, when to go grocery shopping, understanding store layout and displays, pricing techniques, unit pricing, and checking out at the cash register.

Wildcat Way to Wellness: Kentucky Farms and Foods – FCS3.528 - The health of Kentucky’s families and communities is affected by the well-being of Kentucky farms, and Kentuckians have an important role to play by purchasing locally grown and produced foods. This publication includes an overview of the Commonwealth’s farms and food systems as well as resources to help consumers locate Kentucky foods. 

Wildcat Way to Wellness: Kentucky Food Heritage – FCS3.527 - Kentucky’s food and cooks are historically renowned. This publication provides a historical perspective on cooking and eating in the Commonwealth. It also provides advice on eating tasty and healthy regional foods that can be prepared quickly.