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Budget Meals

Dinner on a Dollar – FN-SSB.022 –Fact sheet that aids in prepare appealing and nutritious meals and stay within budget, too. With proper planning, careful shopping and basic food preparation knowledge, you can please your family and save money.

Menu Planner and Shopping List – NEP 208B – Ideas for planning menus and creating a shopping list are shared in this fact sheet.

Perfect Pasta Every Time – FN-SSB.055 -The Dietary Guidelines for Americans stress the importance of choosing a diet low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, and choosing a diet high in complex carbohydrates. Pasta is the solution for quick, tasty, and nutritious meals that can fit any budget.

The Plains of Grains – NEP 202A – Fact sheet with ideas for saving money with grains in the diet. Focus on breads, cereals, and other foods in the grain group.

Vegetable Group: Add Variety – NEP 203A- This fact sheet shares ideas on buying vegetable in season and buying the right form for your use.

Dry Milk – NEP-JRW.10 – Learn to save money by using dry milk as a good source of protein, calcium in food preparation.