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Forages & Hay

Do You Have Enough Hay – Exclusive, Bob Coleman, Equine Extension Specialist

Improving Fuel Efficiency of Your Forage Harvester – Forage News, May 2009. Contacts: Garry D. Lacefield and S. Ray Smith

Increase Pasture Profits Using Cross FencesForage News, May 2009.Contacts:  Garry D. Lacefield and S. Ray Smith

Pricing Hay:  Consider Plant Nutrient Value – Forage News December 2008.  Garry D. Lacefield and S. Ray Smith, Extension Forage Specialists

Kentucky Integrated Crop Management Manual For Alfalfa – Provided by the Kentucky Integrated Pest Management Program, provides information on scouting for insects in alfalfa, common insect, beneficial insects, weeds, and alfalfa diseases.

Limiting Access Time to Hay Can Stretch the Roll – by Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler, OFF THE HOOF, Ky. Beef Newsletter, September 2008.

Optimal Nitrogen Application Rates for Stockpiling Tall Fescue Pastures 2008 Guide (AEC 2008-06)

Extend Grazing Season by Stockpiling Grass – News Release by Katie Pratt. Contact: Garry Lacefield, 270-365-7541, ext. 202

Profitability of Spring Hayfield Nitrogen Applications 2011 Guide – Greg Halich, Ray Smith, Kenny Burdine, March, 2010. There are two main sections in this publication: 1) “Agronomic Basics of Spring Nitrogen Fertilization”, and 2) “Profitability of Spring Nitrogen Applications”. The first section provides basic guidance and information for applying nitrogen to spring hayfields. The second section describes the methods used in the profitability analysis, discusses assumptions, and provides a summary of the potential profitability given various scenarios. Three prices for nitrogen and five prices for hay are evaluated as well as multiple nitrogen response rates for tall fescue and orchardgrass hayfields.