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What Does It Cost You to Feed Your Cows?Ky. Dairy Notes, January 2010. By Donna M. Amaral-Phillips

Developing a Fall Feeding Program for your Dairy Herd Agent Exclusive. Source:  Donna Amaral-Phillips, Extension Dairy Nutritionist 

8 "Controllables" During Hard Times in the Dairy Business Ky. Dairy Notes.  July 2009.  By Jeffrey Bewley.

The Power of Partial Budgeting in Dairy Decision Making – Ky. Dairy Notes, May 2009.  Contact Jeffrey Bewley, ( 859) 257-5987

Dairy Feeding Programs for Lean Economic Times – With the recent dramatic drop in milk prices coupled with above average prices for feed, fertilizer, and seed, many are questioning or rethinking if they have the most economical feeding program or if there are places where they can cut feed-related costs.  Dairy Farm News, April  2009 by Donna Amaral-Phillips

Feeding Strategies with High Feed Cost – by Donna M. Ammaral-Phillips, Extension Dairy Specialist from Ky. Dairy Notes March/April 2008

Getting the Most Genetics for Your Greenbacks – Getting the most genetics for your greenbacks has several components: (1) select sires which will maximize dollars from your specific end products, (2) look for value, (3) control inventory, (4) get a high percentage of your heifers and cows pregnant to the sires selected, (5) get a high percentage of the resulting offspring into the herd on time, (6) keep the best ones in the herd and (7) provide the best possible opportunity to maximize the "end products" you want.  In other words we need to select the genetics which best fit our situation at the best value, get cows and heifers pregnant to those sires and harvest the genetic potentialDairy Farm News, April  2009, by George Heersche, Jr.

Improving Milk Quality When Milk Prices are Low – The relative importance of producing quality milk increases when milk prices are low.  Dairy Farm News , April  2009, by Jeffrey Bewley.