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Money Management

Rebounding Your Finances after the Great Recession – Implementing good money management practices can help you rebound and allow you to be better prepared for future changes in the economy.

Maximizing Your Dollars in Retirement – Developing a monthly budget for your retirement expenses can help you feel more prepared to adjust to rising prices and unexpected expenses.

Add Up The Savings – A series of cards offering tips to Add Up the Savings.
At Home, On Clothing, While Eating Out, Shopping for Food, Food Preparation, and On Energy.

Legally Secure Your Financial Future:  Organize, Communicate, Prepare – The estate planning lesson contains 3 sections, Organize, Communicate, and Prepare.  The series is designed to help individuals/ families get organized; communicate their wishes with others; and prepare an estate plan.  A wealth of resources has been provided throughout the lesson including:  forms for preparing important papers, and links to sites; streaming video; and information on a variety of topics. 

Divorce Matters: Separating Your Finances – Fact sheet discusses the three financial issues and responsibilities during divorce: the need to gather information, negotiate property division, and manage debt.

Economic Solutions: Turning Personal Resources into Cash – There are ways to make money that most people have not thought of. This publication will help you identify personal resources that can be turned into cash (University of Tennessee Extension) – The U.S. Government's website designed to educate Americans regarding money management.

The Wildcat Way to Wellness: Give Yourself a Financial Checkup – FCS 5-430 - It is important to do a regular checkup of your finances, much like getting an annual checkup from your doctor. Some financial maintenance checks should be done monthly, some quarterly, and some annually.

Personal Finance – It is an online one-stop-shop for the entire U.S. Cooperative Extension System in personal finance and several other subject-matter areas, with more being added in the near future. Programs, information, and featured resources in personal finance are constantly being reviewed and added to the site.