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Check Advance Loans: Are They Right for You? – FAM-RHF.119 - This low reading-level publication warns consumers about the pitfalls associated with check advance loans. Offers alternative solutions for borrowing money and advice about how to avoid the need for such loans in the future.

Co-Signing a Loan: Better Think Twice – FAM-RHF.120 -  Low reading-level publication warns consumers about the potential risks involved with co-signing a loan for a friend or relative. Offers advice to those who do choose to co-sign a loan.

Don’t Make “Cold Checks” a Disaster – FAM-RHF.136  - This fact sheet deals with the common consumer practice of floating checks until payday, and provides information on the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, which makes it almost certain that checks will clear within hours, rather than days. Many unsuspecting consumers are likely to bounce checks as a result, and this publication helps consumers avoid what could become a personal catastrophe.

Is Rent-to-Own Right for You? – FAM-RHF.107 – Making choices to purchase items through rent-to-own options can be very expensive. This fact sheet gives tips for making good credit decisions.

Federal Reserve Board – Foreclosure Resources for Consumers – provides information and links to agencies and organizations that can help consumers who are having difficulty making their mortgage payment. This is not a service or website associated with University of Kentucky.